Artificial Lawn Maintenance in Dublin

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Artificial Lawn Maintenance in Dublin with SAS Landscapes is a great way to ensure your investment in your artificial lawn is worth it. 

The solution of an artificial lawn works great for people that want a low-maintenance garden.

The problem is people often think that it requires zero maintenance as opposed to low maintenance.

The problem with low maintenance is that you need someone to carry it out regardless of how low it is. Low maintenance does not mean “no maintenance”.

An artificial lawn certainly does not require as much maintenance as a living lawn but if you don’t maintain it at all, you’ve wasted your money and nobody benefits from such a lawn.

artificial lawn maintenance in Dublin
Artificial lawn maintenance in Dublin call SAS Landscapes today

Artificial Lawn Maintenance in Dublin


At SAS Landscapes we recommend a yearly maintenance packaged plan to ensure your artificial lawn stays clean, green, and ready to be seen.

Part of our SAS Landscapes artificial lawn maintenance package consists of 12 monthly visits and includes the following:

  • Stiff brush with a specialized mechanical brush for best results
  • Plastic rake for heavier debris
  • Leaf blower to keep your lawn fresh of even the smallest dirt
  • Weed killer for any emerging weeds in and around the edges of your lawn
  • Detergent x 2 times per year
  • Pee and poop cleansing for any unpleasant odors as needed
  • Topping up of kiln-dried sand once per year


Regardless of whether your artificial lawn was laid by SAS Landscapes or another provider be sure that the SAS Landscapes Artificial Lawn Maintenance Package will provide you with everything you need to ensure your artificial lawn looks pristine all year round and that your investment in your lawn is worth it.

Cost of service based on a 1-year commitment


  • Up to 100 square meters – €79 per month + VAT @13.5%
  • Up to 150 square meters – €109 per month + VAT @13.5%
  • Up to 200 square meters – €139 per month + VAT @13.5%


Looking for a discount? 


No problem, pay for the full year upfront and get 10% off the total price.

Pick your package and call SAS Landscapes today and get started with your artificial lawn care professional

Phone/WhatsApp: 083 137 7834

Let’s do it!

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